Bon Voyage

14 10 2007

Has the trouble with bon voyage changed the way you think about sims 2, or do you play the same way, are you going to buy anymore sims 2 games?



13 responses

24 10 2007

what do u mean?
i am gonna keep with the sims 2!

24 10 2007

Plus, I NEED HELP FROM THE CREATOR OF THIS SITE!!! DESPERATE!!! 😦 my games are dirty/ maybe scratched (always my bro’s fault 👿 ) and i cannot play them for PC anymore its only 2… everytime i get to the loading screen it freezes when it finishes and a message pops up saying the application has crashed. Should i get a scratch cleaner from GameStop, or should I just do something else? Thanks!

28 10 2007

I’m sticking with the sims 2!!!

29 10 2007

buy the bon voyage or the expansion pack that is newer then the game that is damaged, the damaged game is stored on your hardrive so if you use the newer disk it will work

23 11 2007

bon voyage is cool!!

13 12 2007

bon voyage is so cool! Oh and i heard that they were making a sims 3 is it true? And for those who have a wii get mysims its soo fun!!

23 12 2007

yes, though sims 3 will be only available for ps3!

1 01 2008

bon voyage is absolutely amazing. not to be insulting, but you’re crazy to be suggesting otherwise.

24 03 2008

When i tried to put my bon voyage on my PC it wouldn’t go on and it said that there was a emulation problem does anyone know how to fix that?

27 04 2008

the sims 3 is for computer dummy if you read there website it is God

22 04 2009

hmm. informative.

1 03 2013

Lerusia prosto syper

31 05 2013

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