I want your opinion

7 05 2007

There has been a little debate on the official sims 2 website about the h&m stuff pack do you think it is just an advertisment?  Are you going to buy it? 



23 responses

18 06 2007

Yeah! I just brought it! It’s great!!!

18 06 2007

is it worth buying I mean I don’t know if I should waste my money on it

23 06 2007

Okay, no new hairstyles or make-up, but the clothes are ROCKIN’!

16 07 2007
make way for ella©


debating where to spend $20 on this or clothes


rock on,


16 07 2007
make way for ella©

can you own your own shop?


17 07 2007

I think if you can but is it really worth that much money for clothes and acessories, can’t spell sorry

17 07 2007
make way for ella©


thats what im thinking,

because i wasted $10 on the christmas decor just for a couple of christmas trees and christmas outfits.

really regret it.


18 07 2007

thats good to know i was going to buy that

18 07 2007
Lilz (call me Lily now!)

Yeah the christmas one is rubbish! U can only make a shop if you have open for buisness.

10 09 2007

I bought it about a week ago… the time I found to play it… I actually loved it but Glamour Life was a better buy.

10 09 2007

its kindof a waste….

11 09 2007

i think u should wait a while until its cheaper then buy it on amazon or ebay if u want it so badly

14 10 2007

wow thats unbeliveablie!!

24 10 2007

wats it stand 4

13 11 2007

HOW in this Sims2 game do u get to make ur sim a different skin tone and have unusual clothes?????

26 08 2009
Mischka (Daisey4848)

Yeah! I just bought it a few moths ago and its great! I love the clothes! Really cool and fashionable. But listen..this is on our opinion. Just because some of us like it doesn’t mean you will. Same with if you don’t like it. You should look at all the clothes..see if it’s worth buying. Oh yeah and to make your sim have a different skin tone you have to just choose. So first step:
1: Click make a family
2: Make the sim as in child adult elder etc
3: There are numbers going down right?
4: Click on number 1.
5:Theres the gender the name and then below that they’ll be the skin tone.
6:Choose the skin tone by clicking on whichever one you want.
Hope this helps!
Now I don’t know about unusualy clothes…I think you have to use the boolprop cheat (BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true). Type it in exactly like that if you need to use it. I did it once but then I never did it again so I forgot. It isn’t cool though. Its just the work clothes on the outfits clothes. Like business, they’ll be the mialman outfit etc. Hope that helps too!
Over n Out!

26 08 2009
Mischka (Daisey4848)

Also the Sims 2 H & M Fashion Stuff Pack is only 9:99 Euros. In dollars it’s about the same. Maybe 2 dollars more thats all. Or it could be cheaper!

26 08 2009
Mischka (Daisey4848)

Oh yeah and BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true is very useful. Its a great cheat but some people say it’s bad for your Sims game or something. Im not sure but I use it anyway. Nothing bad has happened. So maybe it’s just a myth.

29 08 2009

I found about about the unusual clothes. You first have to type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the neiborhood. then click create a family. then hold down shift and n at the same time and they will be unlocked! their just sism work clothes but their alot. it unlocks new hairtsyles too. but like funny ones. I like the bunny outfit. 🙂

22 09 2009
jordan (L)

well passing by and seen this.
i have H&M fashion stuff quite good tbh, the clothes ROCK.x
i think that sims 2 should automaticly come with those clothes, hopefully getting the ikea exspansion pack :D.
byeee ‘#.

20 08 2011

It is worth it cuz u can put clothes lots down and u can buy more chlothes for your sim.

11 07 2012

yepp and btw fokes heres another cheat: get your cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) then type in the box money+ then a big thing will pop up then type in motherlode then enter then keep entering then look at your money box your a millionare! get everythin you want! 🙂 love it so much. i want the cheat where you can get more furniture but i know it .. it jst wont work

happy shopping millionares 🙂

13 01 2014

Well I love the sims and the bon voyage expansion pack has made game play better, I am definetly going to buy another expansion pack!

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