link for triplets and quads

17 02 2007

I got tired of writing this link over and over so here is the link for triplets and quads. : 



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13 08 2007

How do you get triplets and quads on the sims

6 12 2010

i know how..forcetriplets. i dont knoe if it still works. just try.thanks!

4 03 2011

Hey that one doesn’t work. i tried it before

14 08 2007

i dono

17 08 2007

someone tell me how to have twins

27 02 2010

You can get twins by a cheat or by eating cheesecake while the sims is pregnant.
The cheat is forcetwins
Hope this helps 🙂

23 05 2010


4 02 2011

i know it sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t how do u get pets to have puppies or kittens

3 03 2010

first u put ctrl shift c together at the same time and a box will show type in forcetwins enter and she has to be preaganet so do it when she or he is preaganet and on the day she is about to give birth do it again and click forcetwins. another way is to eat spagatii the whole time

29 06 2011
sims2no.1 fan

i hope this will work because i really want to know how to get triplets

4 09 2010

wite forcetwins with out any spaces

22 11 2010

do this press control alt c then tipe in forcetwins or forsetwins ok

28 07 2011

Use the boolprop cheat

1. Ctrl + Shift + C , Then type
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

2. Shift click your sim

3. Click “more… ”

4. Then find “DEBUG–Force Twins”

24 08 2007

if you want twinz type in twinsr2cute or if you have OFB type in forcetwins

they both work!

25 08 2007

yuou have to download th mod from above

2 09 2007

This is no use to me! I cant get into the page! I even registered!

2 09 2007

i want to make triplets and quads. how do you?

20 10 2007

Oh my god I finally made an account and it tells me I cant see it, just leave the cheat in a comment then other people can actually use it!!!!!!!! If you KNOW THE CHEAT LEAVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 02 2011

motherlode gives you 50 000 $ and kaching gives you 1000 remember to spell mother lode like this or else it won t work thx

26 10 2007

ya mum nigga

26 10 2007

call me 55987531

18 11 2007

you guys, cant you see cristinah has no idea what he is talking about? every time he leaves a sit that doesnt work, and when you ask for the cheat, not a site, he magicaly disappears from the conversation

8 01 2008

To get twins use the following cheat:-


I don’t know if it works with triplets and quads

13 02 2008

To get twins get your sim pregnant, once you know she’s pregnant press ctrl,shift and c this will bring up a box then type in forcetwins this will turn the birth into twins. ( it worked for me )

Dont know about Triplets or Quads trying to find out!

23 02 2008

the code for having twins is forcetwins cheesecake/cheats. it works for me every time and you only have to do it once during the pregnancy. I would do it after the second bump appears on the sim.

28 07 2011

Hey!!! You and i have the same name!!! XD

22 03 2008

The site at the top doesnt work – as you need to log in!!! Can someone please say the cheat, not the site!

24 03 2008
Brandy Kay Smith

Hey um.. LOL sorry I just wanted to know how to get triplets/quaduplets. I dont know why i want to know, it looks cool, i mean …yeah!!!!!!!! Oh and also i figured out the cheat for getting twins, you know, first you pull up the cheat bar and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, then type in forcetwins.(no space and n capitals)

25 03 2008

i was told that to get triplets u type tripletsr2cute

26 03 2008
Brandy Kay Smith

Hey haha! whats goin on just 2 let yall peeps kno, if the person doesnt tell u how 2 get triplets or quads, then its probably a download. & 4 those who wants twins, listen up… First get a grl prego(pregnant) or even a guy… & uu kno wut Im talking about wen i say get prego… U WOOHOO, OKAY, GOSH, JEEZ. Anyhoo wen you here the cute baby tune that signals that ur sim is prego, pull down the cheats bar & type forcetwins, then BAM!! u got urself sum twins!!!!!! 🙂

26 03 2008


19 07 2010

Erright, this is mad retartd. This prsn obviously doesn’t no jizz about how ta get quads n trip’s. Peace out

1 04 2008

i no how to get triplets and quads (you have to have a married cupple to do this)
get the toomstone of L&D pause the game get the man pregnant with the woman and woman pregnant with the man then if you want triplets only force twins one person and for quads forcetwins both people then play the game for a few seconds until the baby music stops then pause then make boath people speed up pregnancy make sure you do this insync then play and the man and woman give birth to the babys at the same time.

to get the toomstone of L&D type in “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” then shift click on a person click on sporn and toomstone of L&D then you have the toomstone.

p.s does any one know a cheat on how to choose the gender cheat of the sims because i wanted girl quads but it ceeps coming out mixed sexes.

11 08 2011

Thanks for the tip!!! It worked! I had the opposite problem though, I wanted boy quads and I got ALL girls! lol. Thanks again!

12 04 2008
LOL,Ur Cute


12 04 2008
LOL,Ur Cute

damn bitches…..

29 04 2008

u guys are faggs.

btw: forcetwins works [for twins of course dipshits] after you type it in a couple of times, say four times. like press “ctrl+shift+C” type it in then enter, do that again 3 times it will work, trust me.

p.s. to get triplets I think u gotta download some hak shyt, i don’t wanna try it, too risky, but u freaks give it a try.

faggs stop playing Sims 2 n go get jobs. then give me the money.

3 05 2008

For triplets, you type forcetriplets, what I found out. But for quads, you will have to try this coz I’m not to sure, forcequads. Maybe you nid a hack but I think it’s a watse of time.

3 05 2008

wazup, you nid a hack for quads, not triplets

3 05 2008

I really want a cheat instead of a hack for having quads in The Sims 2. It would be much much better like this. Anyway, stay tune for my comments as it MAY help you increase the population in your ” Sims 2 world ” 🙂 Remember to try out the cheats I would be sending in! 😉

6 05 2008
sim cheat knower

guys you all suck for quads you type…

im not gonna tell you hehehaha mohaaa

19 08 2012

and now we know ….
That your a retard and you don’t know the cheat and you are just trying to piss people off.

22 05 2008


25 05 2008

me gustaria saver como funciona el mod. triplets & quads q e leido en algunas paginas y sale como hacerlo pero yo me lo descarge y no me funciona no me aparece la opcion y yo tengo todos los sims…si alguien me puede ayudar conteste…grax..

25 05 2008

hello… my from is Chile in the lenguage is spanich entender youu

13 06 2008

ok, if you wanna have a baby, a really easy way is:
type in cntrl c and shift at the same time, then do boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
then save it and go 2 neighborhood. u can go back on the family if u want. then wen ur on a family, with the man u wanna b the dad, clik shift, and clik on da woman u wanna b mum. clik on spawn, then tombstone of L and D. then clik on dat and its easy, ule no da rest. my laptop is a vista, so now wen i play sims, the thing i clik on disappears b4 i can clik on it. does any1 no how 2 fix it?

5 01 2012

learn to spell you uneducated loser

15 06 2008

2 get twins quad n so on u type forcetwins howmany tims ya like

16 06 2008

put in the bar “i want sex”

6 07 2008
Sims2 adict

yo peeps 4 quads u have 2 type quadsr2cute or forcequads adios amegos

26 07 2008

The best and only true way to have twins is totype this once when she goes into labor be sure to paue first u type forcetwins exactly like that an dshe should give birth to twins garrenteed!

12 08 2008

i tried the triplets and quads cheats but they didnt work for me. i wonder why?….

27 08 2008

Alright Peeps, Those other peoplez with the forcetriplets and quads things are full of bull ok? Same with the triplets, twins and quadsr2cute thing. Those are just BULL. It is HONESTLY impossible to get quadruplets, but no impossible to get triplets. Triplets come in ever 3 or 4 times that you type in force twin births. So Example, the Mom and the Dad have twins 2 times, by you typing in forcetwins in the cheat box…well the next time you do it they should be triplets and if not, it is the next pregnancy that will be triplets when you type in forcetwins. Also, here’s some other cheats that will help you in the game, for all my gaming brothers and sisters out there:

1. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true- Turns on extra still in testing cheats
2. Boolprop petactioncancel true- Enables you to cancel and pet’s action
3. Boolprop controlpets on- Allows you to choose the actions for your pet
4. Forcetwins- Forces twins once
These Cheats Require an Updated Version of Sims 2(If you have internet on your computer when you installed it, you don’t have to worry about it)
5. Motherlode- Add’s 50,000 Simoleons to your sims while they are on a lot
6. Kaching- Like Motherlode except only add’s 1,000 Simoleons
7. Familyfunds (Insert Household’s name here) (-,+,or nothing) (Amount of Simoleons up to 9,999,999)
8. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (Add on) When you are in a lot with your sims AFTER you typed in this cheat and goto the job’s tab and press shift as you touch an individual skill and it’ll add how many your mouse goes! Same with Needs and Interests. They can go up or down, more or less whatever, its the BEST cheat in the entire game in my experience! It helps so much. Oh, Right, press shift on ANY object or person in the game and it’ll give you options with this cheat. So this combined with shift on the mail box (Shift-Click on the mailbox, goto the neighborhood option on there that it gives you and first click make me know everyone and then make friends for me) (Note- don’t hold down too long or will go back to normal screen with the start menu saying shift keys, if this happens click cancel) Anyway, so that combined with the mailbox will allow you to get the ultimate job, all the promotions and with the testingcheatsenabled true cheat it will allow your sim to get a higher up in the career when you first get it! Wow, I told you like all i know! HAVE A HAPPY FUN TIME :}

5 09 2008

if u wanna have twins, get ur sim pregnant then get her to eat cheesecake…after ur sim has 5 or 6 cooking skill points u can then make ur own cheesecake by going to the fride an clicking make many, then click on more an cheese cake should be available

20 09 2008

2 have twins go to the neiborhood type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.Go to your house. Press Shift+click on your sim. Find Tombstone of L+D and click. A tombstone will apear but you CAN delete it. Click on more then simulate genetic merger with… Whoever… Then click on the tombstone again and click on Speed up Pregnancy. If it’s not there then you will have your baby in about 2 minutes. Then press shift and click on your pregnant sim. Click on more then on Force Twins and in a few your sim will have twins.

28 09 2008
gab gab

i now this website that tells u how to make triplets and quads

3 10 2008

The page won’t let me on either. It always says “error” I have the cheat/hack to get triplets or quads in my game. Sadly I can’t find the site I got it from.

12 11 2008

what is the cheat to have teen have babies? I REALLY want to know!! or how to get a male to have babies! PLEASE help me find out!

12 11 2008


16 11 2008

how do you get triplets, twins and what do you type in?

16 11 2008

Plus i need to know how to get teens to have babies?

27 11 2008
Cheats for TheSims2 PC

Maximum Skills
To fill your skills to the maximum level instantly, enable the boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true code. Then, pause the game without going into build or buy, and select your skills icon. When you are in the tab with the skill meter click and drag the pointer over the desired skill bar to raise it.

Gain skill without losing money
Buy the particular goods that will help you for a promotion (For example, an exercise machine, or a book shelf) and study the knowledge (For example, cleaning). When you get a skill point, delete the item that you bought (Sell it before 24 hours have elapsed). You will get a full refund back from that object. If you sell after 24 hours, you will get less money. By doing this, you will gain your skill without losing money.

Never pay bills
Go to buy or build mode and use the hand tool. Pick up the mailbox and delete it.

Free groceries
Order for groceries and wait for the man to deliver the goods. When he arrives, DO NOT greet him. He will ring the bell two or three times and wait for you. When you do not answer, he will place the goods there and not take your money.

Build toddler skill four times as fast
Wear a Thinking Cap and feed Smart Milk to your toddler.

Custom radio music
Copy your own MP3 files to the c:/mydocuments/eagames/thesims2/music/[radio station]/ folder. Start the game, go to the option menu, select the music settings, then the radio station option. You can now choose which songs you want to hear.

Invisible Sim
Enable the StretchSkeleton code. This will affect how tall the Sims will be. 1.0 is normal. Your Sim will be so tall that they cannot be seen. Exiting out of the game will deactivate the code.

To get sims male pregnent, get abducted by aliens first then he will come back pregnent (:

Hope you find this cheats useful (:

28 11 2008

I can’t use boolProp in my game and i heard it messes up the game

26 12 2008

you can have 5 kids at a time by making the pregnant women eat lots of holiday roast (available in resturants, im not sure which expansion it comes with.. i have al)

2 01 2009

I have ALL the Sims games. Except the ones that like have M (18 or older) ratings. I can get my sims to have quads! I have seriously tried everything! I NEED SOME HELP! I have even tried the thing above! I really, really want quads. I have had two sets of twins, but it’s not the same! I NEED HELP!

2 01 2009

Hi it’s me again. I thought I had ALL the Sims games except for the ones rated M (18 or older). I just got the Sims 2 Open for Business today. I know it’s old but I didn’t know about it. Can you have quads on it?

2 01 2009

Hi! I need some help! I just about have ALL the Sims games! Even the M (18 or older) ones! Can you have 6 kids? On one of the M rated Sims games they don’t blur out the parts and you can have 6 kids.

2 01 2009

BTW: Rosemary, I LOVE UR NAME! But sadly I don’t know how to get twins

12 01 2009

I want quads can any1 help me. And can sum1 give me ta link 4 ta inteenimater cuz i want teens 2 b able 2 get pregos.

13 02 2009

to force pregnancy for female or male adults in the cheat bar by pressing ctrl+shift+c+v at the same time then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press enter thenon the sim you want pregnant you press shift and click at the same time then have a look through till you find spawn then click on tombstone l and d then a grave stone will apear then look for get pregnant with then choose the parent thing the wierd thing isyou can have kids with baby mad well thank you i hope it works and i dont have a website called

6 03 2009
i lov the sims 2

some1 tell me how to have triplets

25 03 2009

for triplets i heard u can use triplesr2cute or forcetriplets.

25 03 2009

“To have Triplets hold in Ctrl-Shift-C Together Then a box will appear In the top of your computer screen Type in Tripletsr2cute or another option would be to Type in Force Triplets./ To have Quadduplets hold in Ctrl-Shift-C and Type in “quadsr2cute” Or “Force quads”.

P.S. I hope it works for you.

3 08 2010

Did you try it ? because people keep saying this but i dont know if they tried it and worked . Cuz it dont work for me

31 03 2009

Twins: forcetwins anytime during the pregnancy.
Triplets: tripletsr2cute ”
Quads: quadforce ”

Worked 4 meh and but i have Open 4 Bizness, petz, bonvoyage, seasons, univercity, nightlife and apartment life.

Stop being fagz and leave real cheats numbnuts

2 04 2009

by the way go to this,18.0.html
it should work althogh i have not tried it yet

13 04 2009

the sims 2 cheat:
triplets + quads?
none of the others work except forcetwins 😛
help (:

15 04 2009

does anyone here know how 2 “stretch skeleton”? i tryed, nut it doesn’t work. HELP!!

16 04 2009

if you go onto the cheat bar and type in “help” without the “” all of the cheats will come up and so will strech skeleton x

p.s how do you download new hairstyles?

29 05 2009

none of this quardsr2cute things work!
ive tried over and over!

really if anyone knows these cheats TELL US!

4 06 2009

that cheat for quads and triplets lke for quads you type in quad force-SO FAKE YOU DONT TYPE THAT IN—–and for tripletsr2cute-DONT WORK EDER!

10 06 2009

wat is the cheat for triplets and quads

11 06 2009

listen up people the cheat for
twins are : forcetwins
triplets: forcetrips
quads: quadforce

i sad all i now but do any of you now the cheat for teen becoming prego

3 08 2010

It doesnt work !

11 06 2009

“hey sim cheat nower” stop being a bud

15 06 2009
lady gaga

how does teens have babies i want to now so badly

12 07 2009

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12 07 2009


12 07 2009

please stop with this shit

12 07 2009

but please can some1 tell me how to get
a teen preggo

2 08 2009

Hello everyone

There is something I must say.
Stop asking, someone has already told you how to get twins, triplets and quads. For those who missed it:

TRIPLETS: There is no cheat for this! So stop asking.
However, if you do want triplets, you need 2 adult sims and you do
the following things:
Press CTRL + SHIFT + C.
Type ‘Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’.
Press SHIFT and click on a sim.
Click ‘Spawn…’.
Click ‘Tombstone of life and death’.
Now you have a tombstone somewhere close to your sim. After
this, I always turn off the Boolprop cheat. I heard it can crash your
computer if you press or click Delete. So you can use the cheat, but
you NEVER press Delete while it is turned on. To turn it off:
Type ‘Boolprop testingcheatsenabled false’.
Once you have got the tombstone, you can make your adult sims
pregnant. You select your sim.
Click the Tombstone of life and death.
Click ‘Get pregnant with…’
Now choose a sim.
Now you do the same with your second sim. (I suppose your sim
can be pregnant with himself.)
Now you have two pregnant sims and you select one of them.
Press CTRL + SHIFT + C.
Type ‘forcetwins’.
The selected sim is now pregnant of a twin, the other one is
pregnant of one baby.
QUADS: See Triplets, only now you do the last step for both pregnant sims.

NOTE: This only works for adults, (I never checked it with old sims, but I
don’t think that works.) so you need 2 adult sims.

It works for both males and females.

When you click ‘Speed up my pregnancy’, your baby will be born a
few hours later. (If it is not there, it means your sim is about to
give birth.)

You can make your sim pregnant with aliens by clicking ‘Make me
alien pregnant.’

You can make your sim grow up by pressing ‘Age transition’.
You can get rid of your old sims by pressing ‘Die from old age.’

I hope this will make and end to the How-do-you-get-triplets-?-question.
And if there is something you don’t understand or if you think there’s a
strange sentence, sorry. I’m not born in the US, Australia, England or another
country where people speak English.



25 08 2009

To get Twins : forcetwins
To get Triplets: forcetriplets
To get Quads: quadforce

Hope i helped

25 08 2009

The twins cheat works but I think for triplets and quads you need a hack. Unless while in the neighborhood you type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, shift+click onto a sim while in the house and click on spawn then tombstone of L and D. When you click on the tombstone of L and D (using the sim you want to get pregnant) there will be a menu, click on more then get pregnant with… then click on the sim’s name you want to get pregnant with (watch out, I accidentally clicked on the mum’s kids then I got a messed up family tree). It works for men too so if you do that with the man and the woman then forcetwins on both of them… you get quads!
REALLY hope I helped!

25 08 2009

oh i forgot on tombstone of L and D it can also speed up the pregnancy if you click on ‘speed up pregnancy’.

11 09 2009

No Comment

11 09 2009

Heyy ppls its me…..again!!!i wanted to let ya’ll in on all the cheats i KNOW work:
-forcetwins-have twins
-kaching-get 1,000$
-motherlode-get 50,000

idk about all those other codes so i hope i helped

11 09 2009

How do you get a teenager pregnant?

12 09 2009
nicolebabes oxox

how do u get triplets and 4 lol ?????????

i need to no xxxxxxxx

12 09 2009
nicolebabes oxox

how do u make teenagers pregnant ???? 😀 🙂 seriosly how plz tell me say this is for babiee nicole xxxxxxxx love you

12 09 2009

Ok, to get teenagers preganant, you have to go to and find that out, and to get triplets more often, you have to have totally different people doing it, like aliens and humans, and skin color often has to do with it, if not just type in the cheat bar “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” and shift-click the person and click spawn, then click the tombstone of L and D, then a tombstone will pop up, then click it, then you can add whomever, and whoever you want, you can always change their hairstyle, to change their face, type in a cheat called “unlockcareerrewards” and then if it worked all your career rewards should be unlocked. Go to it and look for a face changer machine, note that I THINK only kids OR teenagers can only do this. To change their name click on the tombstone of L and D and something wil say “Change name” or somthing like that anyway. Then if your on the desired person you want to change their name, a window will appear as if you just had a baby, and then type in what you want their name to be. Congratulations and hopefully this helps you!

Happy Simming!

12 09 2009

Oh i just figured out a cheat for triplets and quads!!!!

Triplets – forcetriplets
Twins – forcetwins OR twinsr2cute
Quads – quadforce

Hope this helps!

Happy Simming!

12 09 2009


type in “stretchskeleton 10-1” type it in then space and whatever number one through ten, i think 5 is normal i forget!!!

25 11 2009

open the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and type in forcetwins after you’re people tried for a baby, and you here the music playing that means the person is pregnant.

28 11 2009

hey peps if u wanna know how to get quads and triplets do this first try for baby once u hear the cute little baby tune u know that the mum is pregnet so then u get the cheat box up (ctrl,shift,c)at the same time then a box will come up on the side of the page or at he top of your page and type Forcetwins then go out of your family but saving the game and bring up the cheat box and type (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) then go bak to your family and shift and click at the same time on the pregnet sim press spawn the click on tomb stone L and D then then click on the tomb stone and press something says some thing like this make my pregnacy faster something like that then bring up the cheat box again and type forcetwins then boob your sim will then have twins then u bring up the cheat box and type agingoff then repete the cycle of haveing the baby then u will have twins gain then go bak to your cheat box and type agingon then your babies will be the same age do they will be triplets quads and stuff


28 11 2009


17 01 2010

To have triplets on the sims 3 you should have your lady relax on the bed with a man. Then select ‘try for baby’ and if you hear a sweet lullaby then your lady is pregnant. Once your lady is pregnant make her watch the kids channel on telly and listen to kids music on the stereo at the same time. This will more than double your chances of having triplets. Have your lady eat 3 watermelons for triplet girls. 3 apples for triplet boys. 2 apples for twin boys and 2 watermelons for twin girls. To purchase these fruits click on your car and select ‘go shopping’ select the place with the shopping trolley in a red bubble (be sure to click on this red bubble and then select ok) when your person arrives they will automatically walk in and a list of foods will appear, scroll down until you find apple or watermelon (whichever you want) and click on it. Then click add to card as many times as you need. There is a box next to the left box and this should have a word that says purchase items. Select ‘purchase items’ and then have your person go home. Make your lady eat all the watermelons or apples at once. This may cause your person to be stuffed but it is the only way to be sure what gender your lady is having. Remember to keep watching the kids channel and listening to kids music alot! Hope this helps!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

27 02 2010

Hey, i know everyone wants the triplets or quads cheat but if i have tried so many times and it dont work!! But if you have BOn Voyage, forcetwins will always work. To make you sim(tenn or child) never go to school you have to type in ‘BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true’ without the ‘ and go in to your family and hold shift and click on a person. go to Spawn and click rodneys scenario tester and a yellow box thing will appear. Then you click on the teen/child that you want to not every go to school again and click Add me to privert school. THIS CAN NOT BE REVERSED.

Another Way To Make It Look Like A Teenager has had a baby is…
Type in ‘BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true’ without the ‘ and go on to your family, hold shift and click on a person, click Spawn, then go to next page (i think) and click sim modder, then a little dolly/baby like thing will appear. With this doll thing you can do lots of thing… make and cure Vampires, age people up and down E.i make an old person straight down to a toddler. This will help making it look like your tenn has had a baby. What you do is…
1. once you got the sim modder make your teen into a adult.
2. get her pregnant and speed it up.
3. once she has had the baby age her down to a tennager again.
4. then on the family tree it will look like a teenager has had a baby 😀

With The Simmodder You Can Also Make It Look Like Teens/Children/Toddlers are Engaged/Mrried/Inlove

Hope This Helps You All And This Is Only A Few Of The Cheats I Know 🙂

Happy Simming

2 03 2010

the quad and triplets do not work on my sims 2

4 09 2010

why katie

11 05 2010

Ok people…im tired of ur crap. I just want to know the freakin cheat for triplets ok. plz i really want it for my new custom family. If you all could just give me/us a cheat that will work i would be very happy. I’ve tried like 5 other sites, and i NEED the cheat! PLZ PLZ PLZ

19 06 2010

you can not get Quads or Triplets in the sims 2 dont know what you guys are on about

25 08 2010

itsme:), how do you age down your adult sim?

4 09 2010

if you what to age down your sims you need to get ponits for your treasure box for the very last one but when i tried it the girls went up and the boys went down

hope it help’s annaforever

4 09 2010

hi gyes how do you make triplets

4 09 2010

bubble’s seadlel down

3 10 2010

tell me how to get tripplets

22 11 2010

foe twins you put forsetwins or forcetwins i dont know wich one sos

6 03 2011

Right, you can only have triplets or quads if you have a mod or hack THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!
You can have twins by pressing ctrl, shift, and C at the same time, this opens up a cheat box. In the cheat box type in boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true.
After this shift and click the sim you want to be pregnant, alot of options will show up, look for spwan and click it, this will open up more options look for tombstone of L and D and click it. A tombstone will then appear. Click the tombstone and look for the option make sim pregnant with….(other sims name). You can speed up the pregnancy by clicking the tombstone and for that option. Then open up the cheat box again type in forcetwins (twinsr2cute does not work) Just wait for the sim to give birth and then you have twins! 🙂
You can have something like triplets or quads, but they won’t be born all at the same time but will age at the same rate. first turn aging off then get the sim pregnant with twins. After he/she gives birth get the sim pregnant again with twins or sigle. After he/she gives birth again turn aging back on.
I hope that everyone! 😀

14 03 2011


make 2 ADULTS and move them into a house.
bring up the cheat box – control shift c, and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
hold down shift and click on your woman. go onto spawn, and tombstone of l and d. a tombstone will appear.
click on it, make me pregnant with and then the other person. after u hear the lulabby, then click on speed up my pregnancy.
once the woman has had her baby, go again to spawn, and click on sim modder. in there you can find age, turn me into teenager, elder, toddler or child. and you have teenage parents!

NOTE: they still have to go to school, although you can make them get a F. they are still teenagers, even if they are parents!

16 03 2011

and if u have two teenagers, use the sim modder to turn them into adults and then back into teenagers again!

13 07 2012
julian velasco

para tener gemelos solo tienes que precionar ctrl+shif+c a continuacion te aparece un recuadro escribes solamente forcetwins lo puedes repetir las veces que quieras para mas seguridad esperas al momento de dar a luiz y te salen tus gemelos o gemelas……quien me puede decir para obtener trillizos en los sims 2 deluxe…

18 07 2012
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20 05 2016

Ok, so I have the sims 2 Deluxe and I tried the twins cheat but it didn’t work. I have had twins in my game before, but I didn’t use cheats to get them. Can anybody help me?

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