Some Cheats….

15 02 2007

Sims2 Image

                         Click for PS2 Cheats                   Click for Xbox Cheats

Cheats for PC:

– moveobjects on/off moves and deletes objects that you couldn’t before

– kaching gets you 1000 simoleans

– aging on/off can stop your Sims from aging

– motherlode gives you 50,000 simoleans

– social_debug you can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it

– boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false you can place objects outside the grid

– stretchskeleton makes sims larger or smaller

maxmotive makes all of your sims in a really really good mood!



113 responses

27 02 2007

how do u make pregnet sims change into regular clothes

29 08 2010

i am not sure you can do that

21 07 2012

how to have twins?

28 02 2007

it’s at inseminator .net i’ll have a link for you later

28 02 2007

here is the link hope this helps

2 03 2007

wheres the um link that you have to download i’m not sure

4 03 2007

hey i just wanted to know how you unlock all of the career rewards

4 03 2007

Jennifer… that is ez. Just press Ctrl then Shift then C and type HELP… it will give you all the greatest cheats.!:-)

4 03 2007

ThAnKs =-)

4 03 2007

How do you MAKE sim clothes?? (not where but how.. i no u go to the sims2 body shop but then wat?)

29 08 2010

well you need the cheat first yeah then if tyou have a wadrobe you click on one sim that you see in the boxes and then click the wadrobe and then it will ask you or if you want to byi any clothes and hen press tranport cab nd it will take you like anywhere

16 03 2007

this is an awsome site but u need to put cheats for ds it would be good for it lots of people want some cheats for ds

thx angel

2 04 2007

I think there is a tutorial on the main sims2 site under help

6 04 2007

how do you have triplets or queadruplets

6 04 2007

please help me!

14 04 2007

there is a link on the main page If you can’t find I’ll put the link in here tomorrow

14 04 2007
22 04 2007

Where’s everyone gone?!?! Thiss page used to be CRAMMED with ideas, now, it’s barely got 15 people on it!!! Please help, or I’ll DIE of no cheats!!!!

22 04 2007

what cheats do you need

24 04 2007

do ppl still go to this site, or are those comments five years old???

26 04 2007

I go to this site and im trying to help people do you need any help?

14 06 2010

Can you have triplets on Sims 2? What does the InSeminator do and where can I download it?

14 05 2007

uMmM..the maxmotive cheat did not wOrk in sims come?

22 03 2010

because motives is a plural, try ‘maxmotives’ (without the ”) instead of ‘maxmotive’.

14 05 2007

uMm..the maxmotive cheat did not work in sims come?

15 05 2007

ok the cheat I use is motiveDecay false

4 06 2007

you can have quads and triplets??????!!! kewl!! ne ways what does drop happy log mean for the sims 2??? no expansion packs. its under the tombstone of life and death.

6 06 2007

How do you download the inseminator/inteenimater….or something like that ???

10 06 2007

its on the main page but its free you might have to log in first, I have no idea what dump happy log means Ive done in my game multiple times and nothing happens

14 06 2007

can you give more cheats please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 06 2007

what kind of cheats do you need

24 06 2007

what does dump happy log do?

30 06 2007

hi um i was wondering how you make it so that their aspiration is at the fullest. Its driving me crazy that its always on the red cuz i am too lazy to make it so its green.

30 06 2007

btw the maxmotive thing you have to write MAXMOTIVES

3 07 2007

I’ve got a lot of problems with the Sims 2 accesoirres (I don’t know how to write that) but the I get shiny walls and floors…..

X Kimms

6 07 2007

ok hit the crtl shift c at the same time then write help there you go, I put in the boolprop cheat shift click the sim then there is a set aspiration on set it on max the I put in lockAspirations on, ok kimm will you go enter more detail please

10 07 2007

thank you 🙂 email me if you get new codes

11 07 2007


yea, what does “dump happy log mean”?.

because as far as im concerned it deos nothing…

11 07 2007
make way for ella_fleck from california`





12 07 2007

cmon yall it does NOTHING every one knows this it does nothing 🙂

12 07 2007
make way for ella©



i’ve like wasted hours finding out what the freakin’ thing meant


12 07 2007

its cool i never seen it but i read that i dosent do any thing:-)

12 07 2007

where can i find that im coureis now

12 07 2007
make way for ella



13 07 2007

what ever ella lol coriouse
i know i cant spell .haha
i wonder if its a code to get cars wouldent that be cool

13 07 2007
make way for ella©




14 07 2007


26 07 2007
make way for ella©


12 08 2007

how do you get all the careeer rewards

22 03 2010

unlockcareerrewards 🙂 I hope it helped

25 08 2007
Little blue

i need help i cant find a way to make my teens having a baby! where do you download

29 08 2007

errr can you have triplets or quads if so how? cus on youtube theres a video were a sim has quads tell me how?

8 09 2007

how do i get the highest promosion

8 09 2007


9 09 2007


28 09 2007

hey guys how do you make a swimable lake its soooooooooo comfusing

28 09 2007

guys im buffled

2 11 2007

The maxmotive cheat is maxmotives not maxmotive. Remember the “S”.

18 11 2007

hey i want to know how to have triplets! and plz dont give me that site cristinah, it doesnt help.

8 12 2007

ok i no every has asked how 2 get triplets and quads but NO1 IS ANSWERING!!!!!!!!

9 12 2007

how do u have triplets in the sims 2

30 01 2008

is there anyway to take the sheets off the the getting busy an can tenns get pregnant

20 02 2008

um is ther a why to have lots of baby’s

20 02 2008

if you get this letter please reply how do you get triplets

9 03 2008

plz help i need cheats to make them happ yplz help 🙂 !

24 03 2008
Brandy Kay Smith

Um yeah, idon’t mean to be rude, but WUT THE FREAK!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you answer the darn question about how to get triplets or quadruplets, cuz other people and I want to know. Don’t make me come over there!!!!!!GRR!

30 03 2008

hey wat does ture/false or onn/off mean i dont get cuz when ever i do it on sims2 it never works its allways says error??

7 04 2008

umm like half the cheats on mine dont work. like even if i go to type help only a couple cheats show up, and then when i enter cheats tht arent in the help thingy they dont work. and when i type something wrong it doesnt give tht false cheat thingy type – is there something wrong with my game or is there something wrong with the cheats? i need to know!!

11 05 2008

You can Set your sims age (toddler, child, teen, adult, elder) by pressing Shift+ctrl+C and typing in “agesimscheat(on)” without the quotations. Also, you can clone them by shift clicking on them and moving the cursor off of them while still holding down the mouse button. This may take a couple tries to work. =D P.S.: I’m pretty sure there is no way to have triplets or quads besides downloading them.

21 05 2008

DUMP HAPPY LOG has to have a meaning or something…its gotta do something

29 06 2008

is there ne possible way to create a pool on the second floor..#

4 08 2010

ur asking all the same things I want to know. 🙂

29 06 2008

y does the build mode i my game dusn’t work that 4 some reason or is it somethng i did…#

4 08 2010

Same! Nor does the buy mode. It goes grey like when ur on holiday.
And also thanks for the dump happy log thing it helped so frickin much.

29 06 2008

Dump happy log dumps a happy log of ur individual sim to the save folder so it cud use it when he/she is not that happy at times by sending a psychic doctor…#

29 06 2008

how to add an alien to the neighbor hood along with with his space ship . is there ne possible way to do dat.if so i’d be happy to know

22 03 2010

well, I don’t know about spaceships, but if you do the boolprop cheat (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) just like that WITH spaces on the neighborhood screen, and then go to create-a-sim, press Shift+N simotaneously, create-a-sim will enter debug mode. For the default alien skin, click on the custon skins button (looks like a *, but larger) and click the green one. Whenever you make the alien look how you want it, go to the eyes section, there will be a custom eyecolor that is just black, which are the default alien eyes. I’m not sure, but I believe they may have alien-like outfits in debug mode, but I’m unsure. (*Note, aliens behave just like normal sims, they just look like…well…aliens)

Hope I helped! 🙂

19 07 2011

For the ship, have your sim get abducted using the boolProp cheat, shift clicking the telescope, and select get abducted (Beware, if its an adult male, he WILL come back pregnant). Turn “moveObjects on” and when he returns, pause grab the ship, press shift and click, and put the clone where you like

10 08 2008

hey hey i dunno i dont think that anyone uses this website anymore but if you have questions just e-mail me cuz i can give out cheats they are easy. and i have plent of information on the SIMS3!!

10 08 2008

oh and to get aliens and male sims pregnant simply. put this code in it does everthing. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. then hold shift and click around and see that different stuff does you can speed up pregnancys and you can make male sims pregnant and make sims alien pregnant and speed up the growth time of sims. any questions e-mail me at

18 10 2008

dump happy log is horible!!
it crashes your game!!!!
i had so much progress then i accidently hit happy log and
now i cant play sims for more then 2 minutes!
i also cant:
make sims
move sims into houses
go to community lots
build off of non residential lots
it sux!
is you can fix plerase post!

3 11 2008

to get twins type in forcetwins wen she gives birth itl be normaal shell give the baby to someone and have a nothe 1

2 01 2009

To have twins or whatever type in,

“Twinsr2cute” (without the “)

and your sim can have twins.

To have triplets, i don’t know.

12 04 2009

The best cheat is:
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

^type that while in neighborhood view then go to your house
Then u can

-hold down mouse and drag needs up
-click shift and click person and/or mailbox then u can do a bunch of things like speed up pregnency and stuff like that
-click the newspaper and shift and u can easily get ur job up 2 level 10
-raise ur persons interests, qualities,and many other good things
-hold ctrl while clicking on those wants thing and make them come true

To unlock career rewards write

Move_objects on/off
This will let u delete and or move objects anywhere

Ohhh and 4 maddie u don’t write on/off u write just on for example I wrote move_objects on NOT move_objects on/off. The off is there so that u can undo the cheat if u don’t like it so if I wanted to take the cheat off I type move_objects off.

^hope I helped maddie

I’m sorry I don’t beleive there is any real cheat 4triplets or quads.BUT what I do I use the 1st cheat then get pregnet then use forcetwins then I speed up my pregnency because the cheat allows u 2 do that then lastly after the babies come I have her get pregnet again and use speed up my pregnecy and this cheat will allow her 2 have the baby in a copple of hour then the triplets are all the same age.I know that that’s confusing and I’m sorry if it is but it’s hard 2 explain!!!!!

I am working on finding a way 2 make a teen pregnet … Work with me and I will get back 2 u on it….

If any of these cheats don’t work 4 u I swear they work 4 me so If they dont tell me and I will re explain it 😉 I hope I they work.

Happy dimming

12 04 2009

I may have found out a way to get ur teen pregnat I will get back to u and give the exact directions I just want to test it 1st to makeSURE it works….I don’t want to give u false info-hannah

26 04 2009

Hi ive got all the Sims 2 games but ive never had more than 4 babys at once on it is there a cheat/cheats?

26 04 2009

im gonna go look for a cheat

27 04 2009

hey i know a cheat for triplets and quad forcetriplets and quadforce! but i never works for me but maybe it will for you!


27 04 2009

i just found this one tripletsr2cute! hope it helps


24 05 2009

how do you make teenagers have babies?

26 05 2009


30 05 2009

Okay guys, “TwinsRCute” or whatever DOES NOT WORK!! The only way to have twins is by chance, inSim or eating cheescake (from OFB). And you cannot have triplets or quads unless you download a hack. Okay? And for teen pregnancy, go to or whatever and find inTeenimator.

26 06 2009

My sim is going through a really tough pregnancy so I need help. How do i speed up the process OR raise her needs?

27 06 2009
bella cullen sim

what is a cheat that can help speed time and everytime my character tries to grt into the limbo to go to work it wont let her the symbol on the screen just keeps clearing,what should i do?

2 07 2009

hey i was wondering if anybody new how 2 make a vampire….. this might be a dum question but i really need it answered!!!!!! pleeezzzzzz! im despararate!!!!

3 07 2009

Hello (:

To make a vampire you have to have the sims nightlife and if you type in cheats for sims 2 on pc you can get a lot of other sites that have things on them too. I typed on force twins before and my sim had twins but i think that was just a coinsidence cause it never worked again, Anyways Yeah


20 07 2009

to make a vampire you need the sims 2 nightlife and befirnd a vampire, if they bite you. you will turn into one.

29 07 2009

What is the cheat to make sims speack English?! Ive been looking FOREVER! ther is one cheat: thelanguagechanger(english) but its not working for me! If anyone knos what to do please let me no! THANX! and the only way to have triplets or quadruplets it through hacks

4 08 2010

maybe it meant change the languge for viewing not the audio language?

24 08 2010

Sims don’t EVER speak english.

3 08 2009

Ok the dump happy log makes ur sims VERY happy with the chosen sim. (if u check ur contacts then the pix sims u chose to put ur happy log on on will be blue. Same goes with the “!Make Sim my Contact”) So basically it makes ur sims very happy with the chosen sim. The “Make furious with this sim” obviously makes ur sims angry or enemies with the chosen with (pix on contacts will be red) It’s actually not that hard ppls.

3 08 2009

Ok here’s a way to make a vampire. (be careful tho)
use the ultimate cheat code : boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
(it’s better to use it when ur at the neighborhood)
Select a sim u want to make a vampire. Press “shift” while clicking on a sim. U’ll c alot of options. Just choose the “make vampire” then thr u go!
Glad to help

1 09 2010
mohd azlan

excuse me moroyah but do you happend to know how to get a gun from sims 2 because i can’t get it

19 07 2011

The only ways to get a gun is either download it from a site or make your own and put it in the game

26 08 2009

Here are some cheats for The Sims 2: Pets for Gamecube (THESE REALLY DO WORK)

Cheat Gnome: L, L, R, A, A, Down (Down on the D-pad) it will be on your front lawn.

Pet Points (Cheat Gnome needed): B, Y, A, X, L, R, Then go to your cheat gnome and click on it and there will be something in the little box that says “Give Sim Pet Points”

Get lots of money (Cheat Gnome needed): B, Up, Left, Down, Right, go to your Cheat Gnome and there will be something that says “Give Sim Simoleons”

Advance time by 6 hours (Cheat Gnome needed): Up, Left, Down, Right, R, go to your Cheat Gnome and click on it and there will be something that says “Advance time by 6 hours” in a little box.

Alternate Opening Sequence (Cheat Gnome NOT needed): When you turn on you gamecube with Sims 2: Pets in it when you see the EA logo press and hold A, B, and Y hold them till you see the opening come, it is short but a bit funny too.

I hope you all enjoy these codes. =) And remember these are only for Gamecube and they do work. =D

9 12 2009
Craving CHEATS

I no how to get triplets & quads.Just go on youtube and type in Triplets & Quads for Sims2

2 01 2010
Miss Claire

Thnxz everyone! you guys rock!

1 09 2010
mohd azlan

hey i know how to stop a social worker from taking your child ok first when she come make sure you turn your toddeler/child into a teenager or adult then set the social worker’s age into child or toddeler the power will eventually take her and not your child once she’s gone change your sims back into a child/toddeler but be warn do not use a baby because if the social worker is a child or toddeler she will also take your baby.thank you.

4 05 2011

Please help!! Maxmotives cheat for moods doesn’t work neither does maxmotive without the s or with the s, capital letters doesn’t change anything, it won’t work??

5 06 2011
suck on it

Shit load of cheats: CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” then SHIFT+CLICK things for options. do this on the mailbox and select ”make all happy” to get all needs full, and do this on your sim and on the first page select ”set aspiration…” and then select the level you want. to get lifetime aspiration, go to second page of your sim pop-out and select ”DEBUG interaction” and select ”max LTA”. For all cheats, storylines, sim profiles, etc. go to the sims wikia (for sims 1 & 3 aswell)

16 10 2014
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Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

19 11 2014
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