Bon Voyage

14 10 2007

Has the trouble with bon voyage changed the way you think about sims 2, or do you play the same way, are you going to buy anymore sims 2 games?

I want your opinion

7 05 2007

There has been a little debate on the official sims 2 website about the h&m stuff pack do you think it is just an advertisment?  Are you going to buy it? 

Taya this is it

4 03 2007

sorry it wouldn’t let me comment but here is the link for the inteenimator click on it after you download it you click on the teen and it says inteenimator clik it and get the clock and there you go

another link

26 02 2007

this is the link to the inteeninator you ned to read about it but it lets you get pregnant   you have to log in  this one is the inteenimator it lets teens get pregnant

link for triplets and quads

17 02 2007

I got tired of writing this link over and over so here is the link for triplets and quads. : 

Some Cheats….

15 02 2007

Sims2 Image

                         Click for PS2 Cheats                   Click for Xbox Cheats

Cheats for PC:

– moveobjects on/off moves and deletes objects that you couldn’t before

– kaching gets you 1000 simoleans

– aging on/off can stop your Sims from aging

– motherlode gives you 50,000 simoleans

– social_debug you can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it

– boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false you can place objects outside the grid

– stretchskeleton makes sims larger or smaller

maxmotive makes all of your sims in a really really good mood!


12 02 2007

I’ll be helping answer questions I will check the comments and answer any questions you might have.